SEI “Odessa Center of Vocational Technical Training” is a state educational

institution at the III attestation level that performs initial training, vocational

education and advanced training of workers by a wide range of building trade,

professions of service sector, automobile transport.

The main task of the center is ensuring the right of Ukrainian citizens for

vocational education according to their callings, interests, abilities, and health

status to satisfy the needs of the economy in qualified and competitive workers on

the labour market.

The priority areas in activities of our institution are introduction of the latest

industrial technologies to the educational process, international cooperation and

partnership with the leading construction companies and employers. Center

cooperates with leading companies Henkel, Knauf, Ursa, Geberit and others.

Odessa Center of Vocational Technical Training provides vocational

education to students with hearing impairment in inclusive and special groups.

Experiment nationwide level on the topic “Technology to ensure the availability of

educational space vocational school for students with hearing impairment” is being

conducted at the Center since 2016.

Our students - qualified and promising young people who study modern

international standards of vocational education.

To increase interest, efficiency and quality of training of students, updating

methodical and material base

Odessa Center of Vocational Technical Training invites to cooperation of

domestic and foreign partners in the construction industry, vocational education

and training students with hearing impairments.

We welcome your suggestions and hope for efficient cooperation! We

believe that by combining our efforts we can achieve great success.

More information on our website: http://profosvita.od.ua/

Address: Novoselskogo street 86, Odessa, Ukraine.


+380 (48) 726-38- 66

+380 (48) 758-18- 96

+380 (48) 755-55- 73

Email: ptu_odessa@ukr.net


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